Mind the Motion
Isabelle Cuppens


Having a disagreement in the workplace that makes cooperation unpleasant?

Waiting until your colleague is out of sight before entering the hallway?

The association is at stake?

  • It can change. Colleagues can learn to re-appreciate each other. So that co-working  is enjoyable and more than just each person on his or her own island. And the practice or company as a whole also has a better chance of being or remaining successful.
  • Sometimes people are so driven that it is difficult to let go of or adjust a goal. Sometimes we lose ourselves in a struggle. We each come from our own perspective, with the necessary blind spots. Often we are right. And so is the other. Each in his or her own way. It is very human.
  • In mediation we sit down voluntarily and take the time to look at what is really going on. In as few meetings as possible, we look for customized solutions that work for everyone in a sustainable way. The mediator plays a neutral, facilitating role. The people involved design the solution themselves.

As a Certified mediator I facilitate for your team to find a conclusive short-term solution as well as to create a more sustainable long-term cooperative environment.


Advantages mediation:

  • Saves you time: Time for your actual work instead of time needed for the conflict. Included the mental space needed for all the emotions and thoughts around it.
  • Stress reducing:  Respectful relationships lead to more mental and emotional peace at mind.
  • Saves you money: Prevention of costs due to malpractices, sick leave, meeting time to solve the conflict, re inventing procedures etc. No costs for lawyer nor other legal fees.

Disadvantages mediation:

  • People can withdraw from the process. Amongst colleagues it is a voluntary process.
  •  ….




How do we (I) organize a mediation or facilitation?

Please contact me: ic@mindthemotion.eu