Mind the Motion
Isabelle Cuppens


You want to feel more passion in your life?

Looking for more flow?

Do you want something to be different?

Do you want to maximize your own potential?

Looking for happiness in life without the burden of perfection?


More flow

Having an off day is not unusual. But what if it happens too often? Maybe sometimes you wish you would have pursued that (not so) forbidden dream after all? Or you want a job that fulfills you more?  So you’re more likely to experience feelings of happiness or have more energy?

Having a fulfilling life

Do you live a somewhat grey life or less colorful than you hoped for? That can change. The more you are aware of what fulfills you, the bigger the chance you will reach out and make it happen. With more resilience to step up again when needed.






Coaching helps when:

  • you go through a transition in your life,
  • you want to live a secret dream,
  • you want to live aligned with what is important to you,
  • you want to find it what your life purpose is about
  • you want to feel happiness without having to be perfect.

Together we get clarity on your goals. We see what’s needed to walk the path to more fulfillment, happiness and energy in your life. We make the courage grow, to go for it. So you can experience.

Loosing connection with yourself

Sometimes we get lost. We loose connection with what really matters to us. We live up to expectations. But what are you really longing for? Our days are filled with distractions and obligations. And before you know it, 20 years have passed.

 What coaching can do for you

As your coach, I look with you to see where your possibilities and powers are. What gives you energy. And I encourage you, at your pace, to go make it real. As a support I have your back. Whatever happens, together we look at it and see how it can be at your learning, growth and service. Or how compassion can help you to place it in your life.