Mind the Motion
Isabelle Cuppens

TESTIMONIALS Mindful Self Compassion Program

The self-compassion training thought me to find comfort and security with myself when I need it. Isabelle facilitated the process by creating a warm, gentle, and calm atmosphere in the group, in which I felt safe. Self-compassion has become an indispensable part of myself, making me feel stronger when facing challenges in life.

Charlotte, participant.

Self-compassion training is the training that has had the most impact on my personal life. It provided me with a gentler attitude towards myself. Which strongly impacted my view on others as well. Especially how I can be more open to their ‘otherness’. It’s also a process that can mature while growing older. Especially whith the increasing discrepancy between what is on your secret agenda and what is possible.

Dr. Paul Smits, family physician.

Besides all the tips, tricks, and insights, I find that welcoming all of myself (my being at all levels, my flaws, my relapses, my inabilities, …   ) the most important thing about the self-compassion training. The experience of not being judged for it, sometimes gives me a glimpse of what it might be like if I were to do that myself. It gives me courage to go on and try to be there for myself in that way.

Stefanie, participant.

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