Mind the Motion
Isabelle Cuppens



  • Do you have an on going discussion that prevents your company from growing? Is there a lack of collaboration in your association? You want an alternative from court to solve the issues? You want to find a solution that works for every one of you? The existence of the association is at stake?
  • It does not have to stay that way. Colleagues can learn to appreciate each other again. So working together turns into a pleasure. So the company, the association as a whole can grow and flourish with success.
  • Sometimes people are so driven that it is hard to let go of goals or adjust them. Sometimes it turns into an on going battle between each other’s visions or goals. And everybody is right, seen from their view. And so it is. It’s human. It also drains a lot of energy. Energy that is not used to deliver quality work.
  • In mediation we stop this process, take a step back and talk. We look at what’s really at stake. We go for sustainable solutions that work for everybody. In a way that after this process people can easily walk through the same door again. As a mediator I facilitate these meetings in a neutral way. The colleagues themselves design the solutions, as they know best what works for them.



As a mediator I work together with you towards a designed solution on short-term notice and
a better sustainable cooperation on the long run.


Matt Ridley: ‘That’s prosperity, having time to take care of your true needs’  



Advantages of mediation

  • Timesaving: Time goes to the company instead of the conflict.
  • Stress reducing: Relationships based on mutual respect bring mental and emotional ease.
  • Money saving: Prevents loss of income because of a malfunctioning association or company. Avoiding possible legal fees in the future. The cost of a mediation procedure is far more less and divided over the different parties involved. In fact, the parties can decide themselves upfront how to deal with the costs.
  • Voluntary and enforceable: The consensus is turned into an official agreement based on mutual voluntary acceptance of all the people involved.  That can be approved in court. After approval in court it has the power of a verdict and by that is enforceable. The agreement can also be put in a notarial certificate, if approved by all the parties involved.

Disadvantages mediation:

  • Any one can withdraw out of the process at any time before approval in court or notarial certificate. In that case other ways to create a solution have to be searched for
  •  ….



How to organize a mediation procedure?

Contact me through mail or by phone for more information about the procedure.


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