Mind the Motion
Isabelle Cuppens

To change is also to grow. With or without growing pains.
To be different.
This has fascinated me all my life. As a physician, coach and in my personal life I have faced many changes. Within myself and my patients, clients. Not always easy.

And often beautiful as well.

Mindfulness, Compassion, coaching and mediation crossed my path. They are still there.

Awareness and respons – ability are not separate to me. With growing awareness, the question rises: ‘How to respond?’. I learned about stress, making choices, the turmoil that comes with it. And also about the power that is released when I really take a new consciously chosen path. Helping people discover the lightness, power and beauty of discovery, change and responding. That is my passion.

At the same time, there is room in my life for other passions and inspirations. I am a mother of 3 lively children. The richness and power of expressive images along with words that ignite imagination even more thrills me. In theater, movement, nature, fine arts and music.

Isabelle Cuppens


Medicine – KULeuven (Family and emergency medicine)
Certified Mediator  www.fbc-cfm.be
Certified Coach ICF – PCC


Mindfulness trainer

Compassion trainer centerformsc.org

Verbindende Communicatie
CTI Leadership program

Deep Democracy lewisdeepdemocracy.com


Actrice – De Kleine Academie
NLP practitioner www.nlp.be

The Family physician as Burn out coach – The Human Link